The prominent thing is whenever I feel gloomy, automatically my solitude wants to travel so it was 17th September ’2018, I decided to go to the abode of saints ‘RISHIKESH’, this cosmic journey of mine was incredible and more than that this place. An enchanting artefact is that Rishikesh is popular for learning yoga also helps to detox your whole mind

as well as body and let you grow spiritually. This place creates the aura of romance by sitting on the ghat of Ganges River, personally I had experienced it. So it was four in the evening I left to board my bus to Rishikesh from Delhi with my two closest friends but one of them has to go to Roorkee so the journey with him was till their only, so me and my another mate continued it. I put an earplug and he was watching videos and I was hell excited to feel the love of Rishikesh. We reached four in the morning and by walking we went to the Triveni ghat, it’s like 10 minutes far from the bus stand, we sat there for a while, had a lot of real conversation, smoked cigarettes and by that time it was 5:30 am, the mountains were visible and smiles on our faces, the crazy time was about to begin. Afterwards we clicked some pictures of Triveni ghat and we both moved from there, we started rambling around and thought where to go next. We saw a Gurudwara

“SHRI HEM KUNT SAHIB”, we have gone inside got fresh n up and had our ‘langar’ ( food serve by Gurudwara for everyone and it is important to cover up your head with a piece of cloth). In Hem Kunt gurudwara we have to wash our dishes by ourselves.

Now the actual thrill activates, we hired a scooty and decided to go to “NEER GARH WATERFALL” and it is around 10 to 12 km from Rishikesh, there is a trek of 10 min and there you are. I still remember when I went into the water, trust me it was freezing but after a couple of minutes I felt bliss. I ordered a cup of tea and Maggie, he too ordered the same. We stayed there for hours and then came back to Rishikesh but now we are tired, we wanted to sleep so we booked a room and slept for a while then we woke up at 6 in the evening got fresh and there was the time for what we were waiting for “eagerly” and that was to sit near the ghat of Ganges also called “holy river” and talk to anonymous peoples, till now we had met a lot of new people and got to know about their journey, there were so many foreigners with we interacted, it was love meeting them and I especially try n know their perception of seeing India, the land of a culture where spirituality meets science.

We started exploring the streets of Rishikesh; specially the market and genuinely I could not take my eyes off and wanted to buy just everything, leather bags for sure but could not because we were out of cash. However after spending the best time together we gone to had our dinner on chottiwala restaurant, through my opinion the food was not that good but we both managed to have it. Now we needed a bed, so went back to the hotel, talked a little bit and slept. HaHaHa! We woke up at 12 noon, half day was gone from my 2nd day of the tour but as fast as possible we left the room& had our ‘brunch’ at one south Indian restaurant after that we did boating and gone to Ram jhula and Laxman jhula, saw lots and lots of monkeys, clicked amazing and beautiful pictures of this place then we again went on Ghats of Ganges and roam around a bit, just ‘wandering’ that how it’s gonna end. Subsequent to what we were doing we realized that we have to drop our scooty from where we took it so we just done it as fast as possible and took a deep breath because we were taking back a sweet box of memories, this journey made me a new person,I felt that I escaped the ordinary. It was divine to be here and believe me I am going to come back here again and buy that leather bag.


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