By Next March, Jet Airways 2.0 Will Be Operational; The First Flight Will Be on The Delhi-Mumbai Route.

Source; Times of India

As early as next year, Jet Airways 2.0 is expected to begin operating internal flights — Delhi-Mumbai would be the maiden trip — before expanding to international destinations. For cheap flights book online

First Indian carrier to be resurrected under bankruptcy procedures, the airline had suspended operations in April of this year. Unlike Jet Airways 1.0, Jet Airways 2.0 would be located in Delhi-NCR, not Mumbai.

“Our application for NCLT clearance was approved in June 2021, and we’ve been working closely with all involved agencies to bring the airline back in the air since then. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, Jet Airways 2.0 plans to resume domestic flights and short-haul international flights by the third and fourth quarters of 2022. The plan is for 50 aircraft in three years, and 100 in five “According to Murari Lal Jalan, a leading member of the Jalan Kalrock Consortium and a potential non-executive chairman of Jet Airways.

“A competitive long-term lease option is being used to determine which aircraft will be selected. As a part of this historic journey, we are excited to be the first airline in aviation history to be brought back to life after being grounded for more than two years. In addition, jet airways customer service has a devoted customer base. We are confident in the company’s ability to capitalise on that devotion and set new standards. You may rest certain that Jet Airways will soon be back in the skies, as the airline has promised “Jalan threw in his two cents.

JET has begun the process of renewing its air operator certificate (AOC or licence). When it comes to slot allocations, airport infrastructure requirements, night parking, etc. the consortium is working closely with the necessary authorities as well as airport coordinators.

Jet airline 2.0’s operations team, led by the newly appointed Captain Sudhir Gaur, responsible manager and acting CEO visited major airports last month and had constructive discussions with airport officials.

According to Captain Gaur: “Its new headquarters would be in Delhi NCR, with top executives operating out of a corporate office in Gurugram, according to the company. A strong and important presence will still be maintained by Jet Airways in Mumbai, where it will operate out of its ‘Global One’ office in Kurla. At Global One, Jet Airways has a modern training facility that will be preserved and used for in-house training for Jet Airways employees.”

“In the beginning, we will only operate domestically on a fleet of narrow-body aircraft that we have leased from big global aircraft lessors who have approached us and with whom we are continuing to work with them. Jet Airways has already employed more than 150 full-time workers, and we plan to hire an additional 1,000 full-time staff in FY 2021-22. To fulfil the airline’s operational needs, the employment will be phased in and entirely based on merit. By the first quarter of 2022, the Jet Airways crew is dedicated to resuming operations with its maiden flight from New Delhi to Mumbai “Captain Gaur chimed in to give his perspective.

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