10 Reasons To Visit Jaipur City In December 2021

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan has a population of over 3.1 million, thus shortlisting itself into the top ten populous cities of India. Jaipur is also famously known as the ‘pink city and was named so by the prince of wales HRH Albert Edward when he visited India in 1876 due do pink colour of many avenues which were painted so as a welcome token for the prince himself.

Jaipur became declared the capital of the newly fashioned state Rajasthan quickly after India won its independence. In 2019, Jaipur additionally made it to the listing of UNESCO global historical past websites because of its growing recognition as a vacation destination.

Jaipur is located in one of the freshest zones of India experiencing severe summertime season and common temperature ranging approximately 33 ranges celsius, therefore the satisfactory time to be in Jaipur is in the course of the iciness season particularly December and January. Jaipur is a well-liked metropolis and is one of the vertices of the golden triangle connecting new Delhi and Agra.

Winters can be considered as the best season to visit Jaipur here are a few reasons why you can choose Jaipur as a vacation place during winter vacations. Here we will also suggest local and unique sightseeing spots.

By Next March, Jet Airways 2.0 Will Be Operational; The First Flight Will Be on The Delhi-Mumbai Route.

Source; Times of India

As early as next year, Jet Airways 2.0 is expected to begin operating internal flights — Delhi-Mumbai would be the maiden trip — before expanding to international destinations. For cheap flights book online

First Indian carrier to be resurrected under bankruptcy procedures, the airline had suspended operations in April of this year. Unlike Jet Airways 1.0, Jet Airways 2.0 would be located in Delhi-NCR, not Mumbai.

“Our application for NCLT clearance was approved in June 2021, and we’ve been working closely with all involved agencies to bring the airline back in the air since then. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, Jet Airways 2.0 plans to resume domestic flights and short-haul international flights by the third and fourth quarters of 2022. The plan is for 50 aircraft in three years, and 100 in five “According to Murari Lal Jalan, a leading member of the Jalan Kalrock Consortium and a potential non-executive chairman of Jet Airways.

“A competitive long-term lease option is being used to determine which aircraft will be selected. As a part of this historic journey, we are excited to be the first airline in aviation history to be brought back to life after being grounded for more than two years. In addition, jet airways customer service has a devoted customer base. We are confident in the company’s ability to capitalise on that devotion and set new standards. You may rest certain that Jet Airways will soon be back in the skies, as the airline has promised “Jalan threw in his two cents.

JET has begun the process of renewing its air operator certificate (AOC or licence). When it comes to slot allocations, airport infrastructure requirements, night parking, etc. the consortium is working closely with the necessary authorities as well as airport coordinators.

Jet airline 2.0’s operations team, led by the newly appointed Captain Sudhir Gaur, responsible manager and acting CEO visited major airports last month and had constructive discussions with airport officials.

According to Captain Gaur: “Its new headquarters would be in Delhi NCR, with top executives operating out of a corporate office in Gurugram, according to the company. A strong and important presence will still be maintained by Jet Airways in Mumbai, where it will operate out of its ‘Global One’ office in Kurla. At Global One, Jet Airways has a modern training facility that will be preserved and used for in-house training for Jet Airways employees.”

“In the beginning, we will only operate domestically on a fleet of narrow-body aircraft that we have leased from big global aircraft lessors who have approached us and with whom we are continuing to work with them. Jet Airways has already employed more than 150 full-time workers, and we plan to hire an additional 1,000 full-time staff in FY 2021-22. To fulfil the airline’s operational needs, the employment will be phased in and entirely based on merit. By the first quarter of 2022, the Jet Airways crew is dedicated to resuming operations with its maiden flight from New Delhi to Mumbai “Captain Gaur chimed in to give his perspective.

Top 5 Travel Bloggers in India

1. Shivya Nath

  • India’s greatest travel blog, The Shooting Star, is managed by Shivya Nath.
  • When she resigned from her corporate job in 2011 to travel the world, she set out on a mission to inspire other young women, especially girls, to travel alone and be independent. She has won a number of accolades for her
  • As a result, she converted her passion for travel into an income. A world traveller who has visited more than 20 countries on four continents, she also writes for a variety of She focuses on locations that are less well

2. Devesh Joshi, Footloose Dev /https://footloosedev.com/om/

  • The most intriguing Indian travel blogs may be found here. Visit the Footloose Dev blog for more information. It was created by Devesh Joshi, who is also the author of
  • His professional job ended in 2015, when he became a full-time travel blogger and has been on the road since then Devesh has been to over 25 countries and shares his fantastic travel experiences on his blog.
  • Many of the world’s leading travel brands have also hired him, such as the German Tourist Board and Singapore Airlines.
  • The Footloose Dev blog is a must-read for anybody searching for travel inspiration, solo travels, travel experiences, and more.

3. Laxshmi Sharath

  • Explorer and world-travelling multi-talented Lakshmi Sharath She is also a role model for any ladies who want to explore the world on their own. As a result of leaving her corporate career of 15 years, she has travelled to over 25 nations on five continent
  • Her interests lay in discovering India’s nooks and crannies, with a particular concentration on Visit her website, LakshmiSharath.com, if you want to learn more about the traditions of your own country’s heartland.

4. Shalu Sharma


  • This is one of the most famous travel blogs in India, and it’s maintained by Shalu Sharma, a Bihar-native who is also a published author and a successful businessman.
  • It’s a must-read for everyone who wants to learn more about Indian tourism.
  • Among the subjects covered are vacation travel, Indian travel, and other vital guides to the world’s finest destinations.
  • For women travelling alone in India, Shalu has written ebooks like “India Travel Survival Guide For Women.”

5. Anuradha Goyal, Inditales https://www.anuradhagoyal.com/

  • Writer, journalist and public speaker Anuradha Goyal is known for her work as She has been blogging since 2004 and has lived in a variety of places. Previously, she spent more than a decade in the IT business.
  • Anu Reviews is the name of the blog where she posts all of her book As well, she is the author of other publications like “Lotus In The Stone” (2020), “Unusual Temples of India” (2020), “Bharat Ke Anokhe Mandir” (2020), and “The Mouse Charmers- Digital Pioneers of India” (2020) among others (2014).
  • This is where she tells stories about her foreign trips, the locations she visited in India and how to get there. Her blog is called ‘Inditales’ and she

Benital, in Uttrakhand, Will Become an Astro-Village.

  • The Chamoli district administration in Uttarakhand is making all efforts to develop Benital in Karnaprayag block as an ‘astro-village’.
  • As per officials, a team headed by District Magistrate Himanshu Khurana visited Benital recently to explore options and what else can be done in the region to generate interest among tourists.
  • The spot located at an altitude of 2600 metres above sea level, Benital will be developed into an astro village that will offer visitors a close view of planet, stars, and astronomical events, with night-vision dome and large telescopes.

For Indian Travellers, Sri Lankan Airlines are Providing a Buy One Get One Free Deal.

  • Sri Lanka is reopening for Indian travellers who are fully vaccinated, and there is a tempting offer up for grabs.
  • According to reports, Sri Lankan Airlines has introduced a buy one get one free offer for Indian leisure travellers on their Colombo return tickets.
  • The offer will be up until October 31, 2021.
  • Indian travellers who are fully vaccinated can now easily travel to Sri Lanka without any quarantine.But first, you will be tested upon arrival.
  • According to the latest revived rules, a traveller needs to be fully vaccinated, with the second shot taken at least 14 days before the trip to Sri Lanka.

Assam Issued a Tourism Alert After Kaziranga National Park Flooded.

  • The very famous Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in Assam is right now suffering through a flood phase.
  • Nearly 70 per cent of the park is submerged in water and the animals are forced to take shelter near the national highway.
  • Some are also trying to cross the highway to look for dry land and this is why the Assam government decided to pass a travel advisory.
  • The advisory has asked heavy vehicles to avoid the stretch for the safety of passing animals.

When travelling to these two Maharashtra regions, you should bring an RTPCR report.

Two Konkan region districts sindhudurg and Ratnagiri within the state of the geographic region currently need travellers to provide a negative RT-PCR test report on arrival.

The newest developments return once the Centre issued associate consultative for the imposition of curbs throughout the festal season.

The negative RT-PCR test report is but not needed for those that are absolutely vaccinated, and travellers underneath the age of eighteen years.

Uttar Pradesh: Soon, tourism sites will be connected by helicopter taxi services.

Uttar Pradesh will soon launch a helicopter taxi service linking well-known destinations across the state, as recently announced by the Uttar Pradesh Ministry of Tourism, and the service is expected to begin this December. If you want to avoid overcrowded flights and trains in the face of the COVID19 pandemic, this service could prove to be a “fast and luxurious” option and find many interested in UP.

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